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We are a manufacturer of carvings and jewellery. More than 25 years ago we have started to produce carved items, and since 1975 we work mostly with mammoth ivory. Our products include:
  • chinese traditional carvings
  • japanese netsukes
  • jewellery
  • ivory bracelets
  • ear rings
  • necklaces
  • pendants and brooches
  • finger rings
  • custom design carvings
Mammoth tusks are legal for export and import in most countries, because they come from the extinct animal - Woolly mammoth. The tusks come from Russia, Canada and the USA.

Some other materials for carving are:

  • teeth of hippopotamus
  • cow bones and horns
  • fossilized mammoth bones
To see pictures of our products choose one of the categories on the top. We stock over 2000 carvings of various sizes and styles, so you may want use our search engine to find a particular item by name, reference number or price. Note that you need to register in order to view the prices.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email, fax or telephone.

Unit 11, 8/F., Fu Hang Ind'l Bldg., 1, Hok Yuen St., Hunghom, Kowloon, HongKong.
Tel.: 852-2362 6572     Fax.: 852-2334 2687     Email: mammoth@mammoth.com.hk
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